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Radiomobil is a group of two companies, Radiomobil Design S.R.L. established in 1993 and Radiomobil Impex S.R.L. established in 1994.

Both companies are authorized by the regulating authorities as “providers of communication services and networks” (public operators for two-way radio networks).

Radiomobil is offering a full range of services for professional communications: network planning and design, equipment selection and supplying, installation, programming and servicing of the radiocommunication equipment.

Our partnership with Motorola started more than 15 years ago. Today, as a Motorola solutions radio channel partner, Radiomobil is offering high quality, reliable two-way radios. Our range of terminals include the commercial and professional analog radios, the MOTOTRBO series of digital radios and the mission-critical TETRA terminals, completed by a full range of accessories to fulfill every demand of our customers.

Due to our highly skilled engineers and technicians we are able to assist our clients from the initial idea to the implementation and exploitation of the network. As public operators we have repeaters in the main cities of the country offering reliable, quality communications for customers from different fields of activity: public utilities, taxi, security, distribution, constructions etc .

Our engineers are specialized in the design of radio networks and hundreds of Radio and TV broadcasting stations all over the country are based on the projects and frequency coverage studies made by our specialists.

Professionalism, experience and reliable equipment, help us achieve our goal of having satisfied customers.