Our technicians are programming tuning and installing the equipment using the procedures, software, hardware, and materials supplied and recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment. Proper programming tuning and installation is a key factor in maximising the performance of the radio and the safety of the user.

With the aid of advanced tools, test and measurement instruments and manufacturer supplied spare-parts, our engineers are able to repair and re calibrate the radios.

The maintenance team performs on-site repair for the fixed radios and repeaters minimising the down time of the network.

RF Coverage


We elaborate the whole documentation required to implement TV or Radio broadcasting stations, or two-way voice and data networks.

Experience and professionalism of our specialists allow us to make well-balanced choice of the site and equipment (antennae, transmitters, combiners etc.)- premises of maximising the performances of the planned network.

Determining the EM field levels with the aid of specialised software and accurate topographic data leads to the prediction of the coverage areas according to the legal recommendations.

Public Operator


Radiomobil is authorized by the regulating authorities as “provider of communication services and networks” (public operators for two-way radio networks). As public operators we developed PAMR networks in the main cities of the country used by clients from various fields of activity.

They benefit of quality and reliable communications, critical for the efficiency of their work, without investments in implementation and maintenance of their own network.

Equipment Rental


Organizing of occasional events (concerts, sport, cyclist or automobilist competitions, team building etc.) require a permanent and immediate coordination of the organizers, security teams and technical teams.

Radiomobil provides for the organizers dedicated solutions for communications: network planning, equipment renting and installation on the site and technical assistance during the event.